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BRETT SHELDON, LCSW: Owner and Supervisor

Brett Sheldon is a licensed clinical social worker based in Highland Park, NJ. He is the owner and clinical director of Guided Journey Counseling Center LLC and Integral Therapy and Counseling LLC

Brett has worked in various settings, including community mental health centers, private practices, and a local county jail. While working at the jail, he honed his clinical and coaching skills to help inmates begin their transformation from a life with little purpose and vision to a life with meaning, hope, and motivation to live their purpose. 

Brett's fascination with how people respond to life’s stressors comes out of his grappling with life’s surprises, pleasant and otherwise. It’s the highest honor of his life to serve as a confidante, guide, coach, and healer for his clients.

Brett is not currently accepting new clients at this time.

Meet the Team: About Me
Meet the Team: About Me

Alexandra Goldstein, LSW: Team task Leader

Welcome! Alexandra is a licensed social worker based in NJ. With a bachelor's degree in human development from Binghamton University and a masters degree in clinical social work from NYU, she decided to pursue a career in behavioral therapy after battling and recovering from OCD. Currently, Alexandra specializes in the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders that result in low self-esteem, social phobias and unfulfilling relationships. She has also been trained as a call handler at the National Eating Disorders Association(NEDA) and has experience supporting individuals and their families with eating disorders.

Alexandra typically incorporates compassion-focused therapy for individuals to foster forgiveness towards themselves and others. This approach has been known to dramatically reduce rates of anxiety and depression by lowering levels of shame, guilt and self-criticism and elevating feelings of connection to others. Alexandra also provides ERP(exposure response prevention therapy for OCD and social phobias) and weaves in mindfulness-based approaches to increase awareness of the mind-body connection.

When she is not seeing clients, Alexandra enjoys going for hikes in nature, cooking new recipes and watching thrillers.


Zoe Blanchard, LSW: Full-time clinician

Zoe is a licensed social worker in NJ. She is originally from Louisiana where she got her bachelor's degree in psychology from Centenary College of Louisiana. She came to NJ for graduate school and got her master’s degree in social work from Monmouth University. Zoe specializes in treating individuals who have experienced trauma, have depression or anxiety, or are struggling with interpersonal relationships or low self-esteem.

Zoe uses a trauma-informed approach to help individuals with cognitive coping, forgiveness of self, and empowerment. This approach has shown to be successful in the treatment of individuals who have experienced adverse events in life. It also acknowledges that trauma comes in many different forms and takes into consideration the history and background of each individual’s history to form a treatment plan catered specifically to the individual.

Zoe is also trained by the Cognitive behavioral institute to provide ERP(Exposure Response Prevention) therapy for clients dealing with OCD. 

When Zoe is not seeing clients, she enjoys playing video games, going on hikes, and playing with her dog Mowgli.

Zoe is currently accepting new clients.

Meet the Team: About Me

Kristina Knight, LSW: Full-time clinician

Kristina is a licensed social worker who was born and raised in New Jersey. She received a dual bachelor's degree in social work and Africana studies from Rutgers University and later graduated from Fordham University with a master's degree in social work. Kristina specializes in treating individuals who have experienced trauma, are processing grief, or wrestle with anxiety. She is also equipped to support individuals who have experienced spiritual/religious abuse or are trying to more healthily integrate their faith into their daily lives. 

Kristina's treatment approach is multidimensional and compassion-driven. She believes that the most helpful kind of therapy is built through an authentic, collaborative relationship. That means that in session, you will explore the ways that past experiences, current relational dynamics, and bigger systemic factors impact you and your treatment goals.

When Kristina is not seeing clients, she is doing martial arts, trying out new recipes, or snuggling with her cat, Muesli. 

Kristina is currently accepting new clients.

Meet the Team: About Me

Alyssa Jeffers, LSW: Part-time clinician

Alyssa received her bachelors in public relations and marketing from the University of Rhode Island in 2013. She then pursued a master's degree in clinical social work from Rutgers University and began working as a program manager to help individuals receive treatment for mental health services. 

As a licensed social worker with years of experience working with adults living with mental health challenges, Alyssa's goal is to help people navigate challenges to achieve inner happiness, a positive outlook on life, and mental peace. 

Alyssa works with teens and adults who are coping with anxiety, eating disorders and OCD.

Alyssa is currently accepting new clients!

alyssa bio.jpg
Meet the Team: About Me

Tiffany Zhu, LSW: Full-time clinician

Pronouns: None, use name please

Tiffany is a licensed social worker born in NY but raised in NJ, Tiffany completed a master's degree in social work at Rutgers University. Tiffany specializes in treating individuals who have experienced trauma, are navigating grief, struggling with family dynamics, or have anxiety. Tiffany is also equipped to work with members of the APIDA, LGBTQIA+, and chronic illness communities. 

Tiffany uses a holistic and customized trauma-centered approach that can incoporate mindfulness, creativity, narrative-based and somatic-based interventions. This is used to nurture self-compassion as individuals learn to accept and understand their story, emotions and coping behaviors. In creating that therapeutic space together, Tiffany then invites people to integrate sustainable changes in their lives. 

Outside of counseling, Tiffany enjoys writing poetry, photography, nature excursions, and time with Tiffany's cat Marigold. 

Tiffany is currently accepting new clients.

Meet the Team: About Me

Sarah Wilson-Leslie, LAMFT: Full-time clinician

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Sarah is a licensed associate marriage and family therapist based in New Jersey. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in art therapy from Thomas Jefferson University, and a master's degree in couple and family therapy from Thomas Jefferson University. Before coming to Guided Journey, Sarah worked for an outpatient adolescent co-occurring program treating mental health disorders and substance use, with experience supporting individuals and families in crisis management. 

Sarah specializes in treating couples, individuals, and families who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, OCD, and ADHD. She is passionate about supporting clients in improving communication, setting boundaries, and managing life transitions. Sarah also loves to incorporate art therapy approaches and interventions, which have been shown to improve self-esteem, communication, confidence, and self-awareness. 

When she is not seeing clients, Sarah enjoys rowing, listening to music, and hanging out with her cat, Leo. 

Sarah is accepting new clients.

Meet the Team: About Me

Brandon English, LSW: Full-time clinician

Brandon is a licensed social worker in both NJ and PA. He received his bachelor’s degree in English: Media Studies from High Point University, and his masters of social work degree from the University of North Dakota. Brandon specializes in supporting those experiencing grief and loss, with a focus on traumatic losses such as suicide, military/first responders, homicide, etc. He also has experience treating individuals struggling with anxiety, ADHD and depression.

Brandon approaches treatment with compassion, empathy and focus on the goals of each individual to create a supportive, authentic and team-based relationship. Brandon strives to meet each individual where they are and understand each experience is different. His goal is to help individuals thrive and not just survive, while considering the goals of each individual.

Brandon has experience working with teens, young adults, veterans/first responders and adults. 

When not seeing clients Brandon loves history, Philadelphia sports, spending time with his family and being a proud girl Dad. 

Brandon is currently accepting new clients!

Meet the Team: About Me

Asmaa Ahmed, LSW

Full-time clinician

Asmaa is a licensed social worker (LSW) based in NJ. She earned her bachelor's degree in psychology and master's in social work (MSW) from Rutgers University. During her graduate program, Asmaa completed a clinical concentration and a trauma-focused certificate in Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC).

Asmaa has experience working with children and adolescents, and now specializes in the treatment of adult clients with anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar disorder, and adjustment disorder.

Asmaa utilizes a multi-dimensional approach that adheres to the goals of each individual client. Through a cultural and empathetic lens, clients will address past trauma, complex relationship dynamics, and existing coping mechanisms to strengthen emotional regulation and problem solving, enhance communication skills and mindfulness, and improve overall quality of life.

When she is not working, Asmaa enjoys sightseeing with her family. 

Asmaa is currently accepting new clients

Meet the Team: About Me

Aubrey Hunt, LCSW

Clinical supervisor

Meet the Team: About Me
Meet the Team: About Me

Sherin Ahmed, LCSW-R, NJ-CCS, M.S., CCAT

Clinical Supervisor

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